We aim for fair contracts that ensure that developers
get revenue from their game from day 1.
1.5x ROI
For Developers:
For The Iterative Collective:
1.5x ROI
For Developers:
For The Iterative Collective:
1x ROI is calculated as the sum of Development cost disbursed to Developers, Marketing Costs, and Publishing Costs related to the game
We are looking for a perfect blend of style and substance, igniting a sense of adventure that you and your friends won't want to miss.
What we love:
  • Style: Unique 3D stylized graphics that command attention and distinguish games.
  • Substance: Deep gameplay mechanics, offering players meaningful choices and challenges.
  • Adventure: Immersive worlds teeming with exploration, discovery, and excitement.
  • Fun with Friends: Engaging and dynamic multiplayer experiences, creating unforgettable moments amongst friends.
  • Southeast Asian Devs: Embracing regional talent, culture and innovation.

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