Ikonei Island:
An Earthlock Adventure

Ikonei Island is yours to discover!

Explore and gather resources. Farm the land, craft tools and gear, and build your base or a cozy home.

Befriend magical creatures and fight monsters with your friends or solo!
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Snowcastle Games
Release Date
9 November 2023
Steam, Epic Games Store

Ikonei Island is a gorgeous, cosy adventure that you can play solo or with your friends. You explore the beautiful island, uncover hidden mysteries, collect items to craft a charming home and bond with magical creatures. The game is reminiscent of cosy classics like Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing and Dinkum, but brings its own depth of narrative as it taps into the enchanting themes originally explored in Snowcastle’s Earthlock.

Along with compelling genre staples like resource gathering, farming, crafting and customisation systems, Ikonei Island add its own twists with an exploration mechanic that sees you make friends with local wildlife and use their unique abilities to help you access new areas of the island, encounters with perilous pirate camps, monsters to battle and the ability to experience it all in co-op with your friends.