A post-apocalyptic survival strategy game set on a resource-strapped Earth at the turn of the next century.

In a dried-up wasteland where water has become the new gold, every choice you make becomes life or death.
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Release Date
20 July 2023
Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG

Overpopulation, environmental exploitation, and a complete disregard for nature has resulted in the depletion of drinkable water, leading to the collapse of civilization as we know it. It’s up to you to lead a group of survivors to a place where they can rebuild, but it won’t be easy.

Remake the earth in two Campaigns spanning over nine scenarios, each of which can be played in Story Mode, Endless Mode, and Survival Mode. Online Multiplayer lets you compete against other players to see who the ultimate survivor will be.

Expand your settlement
Your survivors will need food, shelter, and other necessities, but expand carefully lest you outpace each area’s scarce and diminishing resources.

Educate your survivors
Improve your settlers’ knowledge and machinery in order to make the most of what little resources are available. Research carefully, choosing the most important advancements to chase for your settlers’ needs, and take that knowledge with you.

Extend your colony
Progress by uncovering meaningful stories through expeditions, events, and quests. You’ll be faced with difficult dilemmas and dangerous foes, but what you bring back could mean life or death for your settlement. Each in-game choice brings with it consequences that can make or break the success of your settlers in their quest for survival.

Execute your foes
A world clinging on to its last vestiges of life can only support so many living beings. Compete against other players in a survival scenario where you do what you have to succeed in the world of Homeseek. Sabotage their buildings, steal their resources, and force them into starvation before they do the same to you.